April 29, 2019

Years 12 and 13 brain day

Report by Lucas B (Year 12)

Just before the Easter holiday, boys in Years 12 and 13 were joined by the Westfield sixth form and were presented with a day of neurology and psychopathological lectures by Dr Sutton of Nottingham University.

The day was spent listening to his extremely educational and eye-opening talks on a broad range of subjects in the field of neuroscience.

We began with a discussion into what neuroscience entails, then began to look at some of the reasons behind and symptoms caused by a number of different brain damages.

Later in the day, Dr Sutton presented us with an interesting dissection of a sheep’s brain. We were all offered the opportunity to hold and personally inspect the different structures inside the brain, such as the cranial meninges and the hippocampus. The day concluded with a discussion into whether there was such a thing as a criminal brain, where Dr Sutton put forward discussion points on the neurology and psychology of criminals.