International Admissions

At Newcastle School for Boys, we welcome admissions from boys of all nationalities and value the cultural diversity this brings to the school community.

Child Student visa sponsorship

We are pleased to be able to offer visa sponsorship for those boys wishing to apply for a Child Student visa to study in the UK.

Boys of a non-British or EU nationality will be required to evidence their right to remain and study in the UK, be it indefinite leave to remain or as a dependant of a parent with the right to reside in the UK.

Those wishing to study at Newcastle School for Boys on a Child Student visa should state so on their Application Form. Boys may be assessed for entry at the School or at their current school. If an offer of a place is given, a non-refundable £500 deposit will be required along with the parents’ acceptance of the place. Once accepted, the School will be in touch to make arrangements to raise a Confirmation of Studies (CAS) letter in support of the boy’s visa application. 

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

All boys applying to the School will be asked to state their first language. Where a pupil’s first language isn’t English, those for entry into Years 7 and above will be asked to sit an additional EAL assessment as part of the entry process. Boys entering into Year 6 or below will not need to sit an additional assessment however, their level of English language will be determined through the general assessment process.

The School will use this assessment to identify whether a boy would need EAL support to access the curriculum successfully. A view will be taken that a boy either does not require any support, requires a little support to access the curriculum, requires a significant amount of support to access the curriculum or his English is not of a level that an offer can be made for a place at the School.

At Newcastle School for Boys we are pleased to be able to offer the required EAL support for our pupils however, this does come at an additional cost to the family at £30 per hour. Boys requiring a little support will receive 3 hours EAL tuition per week whilst boys requiring a higher level of support will receive 8 hours per week.

The level of EAL tuition will be set on a termly basis. At the end of each term, the boy will be reassessed to see what level of tuition is required for the following term until their English language is hopefully of a standard that they no longer require the additional tuition. 

Over 97% of boys achieving all 9-4 grades at GCSE*

*based on results from the last three years

We really enjoy the feeling of community. Within a few weeks of starting, our son knew every other boy’s name in all the year groups and the teachers knew him.

Reception parent