At all stages of a pupil’s time at Newcastle School for Boys, their happiness and welfare is of the utmost importance to us, particularly in these youngest years of their school life.

A child’s time in Nursery and Reception years at school are hugely influential in their ongoing educational experience, often impacting upon their enjoyment of school and success for years to come. We therefore recognise the great importance of our Early Years education focusing upon the child’s relationships with both our teaching staff and their peers whilst they learn in a fun, age appropriate and boy-focused environment. In turn, children who feel happy, safe and well cared for at school are in the best possible position to learn, allowing them the space to be inquisitive and creative learners.

From the moment a child joins the School, we make every effort develop a relationship with both the child and their family, allowing us open communication to discuss each child’s needs and making sure we work at all points to meet those needs.

As a small school, each pupil is known by every member of staff, as well as by their peers in their own and other years and they are therefore supported by the entire school community.

One-on-one teaching time given to every boy.

We are very happy with the NSB. We like the combination of discipline, care, learning, and extra-curricular activities that you provide. This matches our values as parents and supports us with our parenting. We definitely see this as a partnership between us.