Along with our Early Years, our Junior School makes up one of the top private primary schools in Newcastle and the north east region.

With the confidence, independence and knowledge instilled within our Nursery and Reception, boys go onto grow and develop throughout the Junior School, until they are ready to leave for the Senior School aged 11.

From as early as Year 1, boys receive specialist teaching in a number of subjects such as French, ICT, Music and PE, in addition to learning within their class. Small class sizes mean that boys are challenged academically on an individual level – with reading, writing and numeracy as a key focus – allowing each boy to learn and develop at the most appropriate rate for them. Each boy’s progress is continuously monitored and formally reported back on to home at least once each term.

Throughout the Junior School, boys learn through topics, ensuring enjoyment of their education and providing a real-life setting and understanding of their knowledge.

An education at our Junior School also extends outside of the classroom environment with all boys given the opportunity to take part in an extensive co-curricular programme and go on a variety of educational and sporting trips. Boys develop their independence and life-skills on residential trips throughout the Junior School and are even given the opportunity to travel abroad in their later years.

The boy-focused, fun and challenging environment created within the Junior School plays to each boy’s strengths and interests, allows them to get the most, both academically and personally, throughout these formative years.


100% of boys rate their enjoyment of school as high.

My son is so happy to go to school he even wants to go during the holidays.