Uniform and Appearance

Newcastle School for Boys operates an online service with Schoolblazer for main school uniform items, e.g., blazers, ties, trousers, etc. and with Samurai Sportswear for sportswear.

To be able to order items from Schoolblazer, parents must first register online at http://www.schoolblazer.com. Once registration has been completed, orders can be placed by:

  1. Visiting the http://www.schoolblazer.com/ website
  2. Logging in using your e-mail address and password
  3. Following the link to the Newcastle School for Boys pages
  4. Clicking on the appropriate sub school section: Senior, Junior, Infants or Nursery
  5. Clicking on the male gender option
  6. Items with images and prices will appear and can be ordered by following the onscreen instructions

Schoolblazer operate a telephone helpline on 0333 7000 703, Monday to Friday 9.00am to 8.00pm and Saturday 10.00am to 4.00pm.

Schoolblazer supply the following items of NSB uniform:

Juniors (Nursery to Year 2) Juniors (Years 3 to 6) Seniors (Year 7 to 11)
Junior blue blazer  ✔
Senior grey blazer  ✔
V-neck jumper with blue band  ✔  ✔  ✔
Blue polo shirt  ✔
Tie – in house colours  ✔  ✔
Storm proof coat with logo  ✔
Baseball cap  ✔  ✔
Printed book bag  ✔
Pale blue shirt short sleeve*  ✔  ✔
Pale blue shirt long sleeve*  ✔  ✔
Grey trousers (long)*  ✔  ✔
Black trousers *  ✔
Optional Uniform
Grey shorts*  ✔
Grey knee length socks (worn with grey shorts above)  ✔

*These items are available from Schoolblazer but may also be purchased in uniform colours from local and High Street suppliers.

**It is the School’s preference boys in the Junior School wear either the Schoolblazer storm proof coat with logo or the Samurai full zip rain jacket as their school coat. If not wearing a school uniform coat, we ask that their coat is navy blue or another dark colour.

In addition
Plain grey socks
Plain black belt (not wide or belts with large buckles)
Black shoes which should be clean and polished (not boots or trainers)

Expected Appearance

  • Exaggerated styles of hair and appearance are not allowed
  • Hair should be above the collar and should not be dyed
  • All boys should be clean shaven

 Sixth Form Dress Code

Newcastle School for Boys expects its Sixth Form students to be smartly dressed, in a business-like fashion.

Suit: A smart, plain, or discreetly patterned, suit in a dark colour. Jacket and trousers must be made of the same material and may not be jersey, denim, tweed or corduroy.

Shirt: A plain white, blue, grey shirt or striped with a collar, fastened at the neck

Tie: Sixth Form house tie. Alternatively, School Prefect, colours or representative ties may be worn.

Jumper:  A v-necked jumper may be worn so that the tie is visible.

Shoes: Smart, black and polishable. Heavy lace up shoes, boots, trainers, etc. are not permitted.

The decision of the Head of Sixth Form is final in all matters of Sixth Form dress.


Juniors (Reception to Year 2) Juniors (Year 3 to 6) Seniors
School white polo shirt
Royal blue games shorts
Royal blue rugby shorts (all boys in Years 3 to 10; Years 11 to 13 – rugby players only)
Royal blue/grey reversible rugby/football shirt
Rugby/football socks
Tracksuit bottoms
Quarter zip pullover
Sports bag or hopper bag
Optional kit
Full zip rain jacket
Cricket shirt
Cricket trousers
Sleeveless cricket jumper
Base layer (white)
Boot bag
Backpack (can also be used as a school bag)
Match day bag (can also be used as a school bag)
Swimming jammers (Years 2 to 5)

The School do hold sizing events for sportswear throughout the year and a comprehensive size guide can be found Samurai Sportswear’s website.

Over 97% of boys achieving all 9-4 grades at GCSE*

*based on results from the last three years

We really enjoy the feeling of community. Within a few weeks of starting, our son knew every other boy’s name in all the year groups and the teachers knew him.

Reception parent