Welcome to Early Years

A boy’s early years are invaluable to their development, impacting on their growth and success, even into adult life. As every parent knows, choosing the best learning environment for their son, even in the youngest years, is crucial.

An Early Years education in Nursery and Reception at Newcastle School for Boys provides the building blocks for the rest of a boy’s education.

Boys can join the Nursery and start their education at Newcastle School for Boys as early as the term they turn three, allowing them to start this growth even before they enter their school years. We are delighted to also now offer 30 free hours to those boys eligible under the government’s free childcare scheme.

Our teaching-based Nursery, unlike most non-school nurseries, is led by a qualified Early Years teacher and supported by a number of classroom assistants. Boys are encouraged in their learning with fun and interactive, play-based activities, whilst being given age appropriate academic challenges. Our teaching and learning delivers the seven statutory areas of learning and development of the Early Years Foundation Stage framework and more besides.

Our teaching team get to know each boy on a one-on-one basis, looking out for their well-being at all times, monitoring their progress and reporting back to parents frequently.

By the time boys reach Reception, the transition to a classroom setting due is made easier by their familiarity with their surroundings, teachers and classmates. As a result, boys are able to continue their academic and personal progression. Boys will also have already started work on their reading and writing, giving them a head start in hitting any educational milestones for their age.

Boys can join our Nursery from as young as the term they turn 3.

We really enjoy the feeling of community. Within a few weeks of starting our son knew every other boy’s name in all the year groups and all the teachers knew him.