Life at Newcastle School for Boys goes much further than the classroom and we are proud to offer our pupils an extensive and widely ranging co-curricular programme with over 30 clubs. Boys have great fun whilst exploring new avenues and learning new skills.

The co-curricular programme encompasses all the activities, societies, events and trips which the School offers alongside the academic curriculum and all pupils are encouraged take part in it fully.

Whether they are particularly sporty, academic, enjoy the arts or all of the above and more, there is something on offer to all. Running before, during and after school our co-curricular activities for all ages range from fencing to code club, golf to choir and African drumming to book club.

Life in the Junior School focuses on exploration and discovery and our co-curricular programme affords pupils with the opportunity to find out where their passions and talents lie, while trying something they may otherwise not have the opportunity to.

Extensive co-curricular programme; from judo to coding, speech and drama to choir.

The reason we sent our son NSB was so that he could get the chance to do events like the cross country. NSB might be a small school but it terms of the opportunities it provides for the boys it really is up there with the larger schools.