Whilst our sixth form boys take a more independent approach to their learning than in their earlier years of the School, they remain as integral and active a part of the school community as ever.

All sessions within our Senior School co-curricular programme remain open to all of our sixth form students, allowing them to continue with those clubs they have enjoyed over the years or even pick up a new activity and skills. In addition to the enjoyment they gain out of our curricular activities, many boys see additional benefit when it comes to writing university or job applications, demonstrating their wide range of strengths and proactive attitude towards the wider school community.

Whilst many sixth form colleges may see boys reduce their participation in non-academic activities, our pupils are actively encouraged to maintain such activities as we understand the importance of this in a boy’s wider, personal development. It is also at this stage that interested boys will see themselves participate in the highest level of competitive school sport with many viewing our sports tours as the highlight of their school careers.

Widely varied programme of cultural trips and sporting tours.

Joining NSB has transformed my grades from below average to excelling.