March 22, 2019

Year 9 medicine and dentistry day

Last Wednesday, a group of Year 9 boys took a day trip to Newcastle University’s medicine and dentistry day. They experienced life as a medical school student and had the opportunity to work with a number of scientists during lectures and practical sessions.

The group began with a dentistry practical session, which involved moulding dental implants using resin and curing them using light. The boys were able to design and create their own shapes afterwards and were allowed to take home what they made as a souvenir.

The professor showed the group lots of examples of skulls from different species so they could see how different animals have different teeth and jawbones. Next, they went to the dental hygiene lab and used purple dye to see how clean their teeth were, before practising drawing using a mirror to experience how dentists need to perform most of their work. This proved rather tricky!

After that, the activities moved to the medical school where the boys had the opportunity to treat a model patient called SimMan. He is a robot who is designed to act like a patient so that medical students can practise treatments. The boys took SimMan’s pulse and saw how the computer system controlled his responses. They then had some first aid training and used the demonstration defibrillator. Finally, the group was presented with a table full of bones and had to act as forensic anthropologists to try to work out how many different people’s remains were there and whether they were male or female.

Everyone had a great day and learned a lot about the different aspects of medicine and dentistry that can be studied here in the north east.