June 18, 2021

Year 8 dancing

Some of the NSB community may be unaware that we have three outstanding dancers in Year 8. Ellis, Teddy and Isaiah are all involved in dance outside of school and work very hard to develop their talents. We hope you enjoy reading about their progress in their own words.

Ellis (Pictured) 

I started ballroom dancing when I was 4 years old. I started off as a soloist, then in 2015 I found my dance partner Emily. We have been dancing together now for six years. Throughout this time, we have competed in hundreds of competitions throughout the UK, and three times a year we compete internationally against other dancers from all over the world. Of course we often spend our weekends in the home of ballroom dancing, Blackpool, dancing at the Winter Gardens and Blackpool Tower.  Emily and I train 3-4 times a week for around 15 hours a week, working on new routines and steps.  We also have to do cardio training and fitness and flexibility exercises to improve our stamina. Lockdown has been really hard to keep our training going, but we have managed it! Training on Zoom when we couldn’t train together, and exercising at home to keep our fitness levels up! Unfortunately due to the pandemic we haven’t competed now for over a year but we are due to compete again in July if all goes to plan, and we can’t wait!  We have now increased our training, ready for when we compete again soon. In 2019, we placed 13th in the country for Ballroom and we are so proud of all we have achieved over the years. It takes so much hard work, commitment and dedication but once we get on that floor with all the other competitors, all the hard work pays off!  


To narrow down why I like dance would be mostly impossible, so in this paragraph I will try to. I have danced for about 7 years, learning musical theatre which is singing, dancing and acting. I even got roles in TV shows like ‘Downton Abbey’ from Stagecoach, which is where I learnt how to do all three on a more professional scale. I have also enjoyed doing some performances at the Whitley Bay Playhouse and I would like to get involved in more theatre productions in the future. I train a number of times each week and school also give me the opportunity to train for dance during my Games afternoons. The thing I love most about dance is musical theatre as it’s different to all other dance which is fun. In the future I want to learn to tap dance.  


Dancing isn’t very popular with guys. Some people would consider it a “female sport” but I would disagree. Dancing is for anyone to do and it doesn’t mean you have to be flexible and do splits or do backflips. It’s a fun sport where you can do choreography with fellow dancers. I go to a place called Dance City where I have a scholarship called CAT (Centre for Advanced Training). I do 7 hours a week – Monday-Tuesday for an hour and a half, and on Saturday I do a four-hour class. Even though it can take a lot of hard work and mean you have to give free time up to do it , it doesn’t mean you won’t have time for other stuff. On top of classes, it isn’t hard to keep up with homework and the outcome is good. Dancing is good for your mental health and your physical fitness, so it is always good to do it. I do dance not as something I want to pursue as a career but because it has physical benefits and as one of only two boys in the class, I am surrounded by girl dancers! Anyone can dance, regardless of gender and it is great fun.