January 14, 2019

Year 7 History – design a castle competition

In the final week of the Autumn term, Year 7 historians completed their castles projects.  They had been studying the building and development of castles – from William the Conqueror’s Motte and Bailey castles to modern-day castle palaces.

The boys had learnt about life inside castles, come up with their own plans for a castle siege and completed a Dragon’s Den-style lesson where they got to design their own fortifications. This culminated in a two-week homework project where boys had to research and build a castle based on a real-life example.

There were some excellent models based on local sites as well as some from further afield. The boys were very creative and brought in examples made from cardboard, Lego, matchsticks and even cake (which everyone enjoyed!). They really showed their artistic talents as well as their accurate historical knowledge in their labelling of key features.

Well done to all of the boys for a tremendous effort and to our winners Alexander B and Reuben M, and runners-up Harry B and Dan W.