February 3, 2020

Year 4 ‘muggle quidditch’

Year 4 continued their focus on Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone with an excellent game of ‘muggle quidditch’ in the West Avenue yard.

Agreeing the rules (and any adaptations from the wizarding game) beforehand, three teams of keepers, beaters, chasers and seekers competed in a round-robin tournament to score more points, and victories, than their opponents.

Most exciting of the muggle rules is the releasing of the golden snitch – a particularly speedy boy with a tag rugby tag attached to his waist – who is released for a 30-second sequence of mayhem across the pitch with the two seekers in hot pursuit. Successfully tagging the snitch will result in 150 points for your team and will end the game.

The boys loved their matches and the game as a whole and produced some well-written instruction texts as a result.