October 4, 2018

Year 3 and 4 trip to Robinwood

Many of the boys from Year 3 and 4 spent the first three days of the week at Robinwood activity centre in Alston in Cumbria, testing their resilience, teamwork and agility in a range of challenging activities. Arriving on Monday morning before splitting into their two groups of thirteen – Avalanche and Stream – the boys met their instructors, trekked the two miles into the centre before a very welcome lunch. Activities on the first day included archery, Knight’s Quest, trapeze and crate challenge, all of which the boys completed without breaking stride, smashing two NSB records in the process. A welcome meal of pasta Bolognese or jacket potato was devoured before the organised chaos that was the team challenge, hotly contested before bedtime!

The second day started early, with the boys up at seven for breakfast before a full day of activities. Both groups again proved their resilience in spades, with every boy conquering every activity. The climbing wall was scaled early on, whilst the caves were fully explored and the ‘cave rescue’ challenge was completed down to excellent leadership and communication skills in the pitch black. Boys also had to think about their team and how to effectively communicate on the Nightline course, an obstacle course completed with the entire team blindfolded, taking away their sense of sight. The Zipline produced some memorable screams, as did the Giant Swing, with every boy being winched up into the highest branches of the trees by their team before dropping and swinging out into the horizon – much bravery was needed! Speaking of bravery, the highlight of the entire trip is always the dreaded Piranha Pool, an escape-room style activity with boys needing courage, a cool head and some excellent leadership skills in order to survive and escape before the piranhas were released! Fortunately, all 26 boys returned with all limbs intact.

The final day featured three activities for each group, with both groups finishing their stay with canoeing and raft building, real highlights of the trip. At the culmination of the raft building, the boys were tasked with the optional “skydiving” Robinwood rite of passage, a plunge from their raft into the ice-cold lake. Despite this being optional, all of the boys made the choice to make the plunge, topping off a wonderful trip in which every boy was a credit to themselves and the school as they pushed themselves out of their comfort zones.