December 1, 2020

UKMT Senior Maths Challenge

Last week saw the publication of the results of the UKMT Senior Maths Challenge, a gruelling mathematics paper made up of 25 interesting questions designed to stretch even the brightest and best mathematicians. Boys from Years 12 and 13 took part, seeking to gain the respect of their peers, as well as national recognition for their efforts.

In Year 12, David ESaiem H and Tazwar R all obtained bronze certificate, placing them in the top 40% of candidates nationally. Ayub M gained a silver certificate, placing him in the top 20%. Given these boys sat the exam a year early, it shows their genuine talent in solving these very challenging problems.

In Year 13, James H and Lewis R gained a bronze certificate, while Cole CTayeb K and Harjap T achieved a silver certificate for their amazing efforts. However, it was Josh L that managed to gain the prestigious gold certificate for his exceptional result.  Josh has now qualified for the Senior Kangaroo Challenge, which places him in the top 10% of all students who entered the national competition. This outstanding result is a first for the School, and I am sure you’ll join us in congratulating Josh as well as wishing him good luck in the next paper. Josh will also be invited to sign the Headmaster’s book for outstanding achievement. 

If you want to test yourself at some of the questions that Josh and his peers were answering, have a go at the following and remember, this a non-calculator paper with a time limit. 

When written out in full, the number (102020 + 2020)2 has 4041 digits. 
What is the sum of the digits of this 4041-digit number?