May 7, 2021

UKMT intermediate mathematical challenge

Last month, Theodore (Year 10) qualified to take part in the next round of the UKMT intermediate mathematical challenge, called the Kangaroo Challenge. Just to put his achievement in perspective, only 10% of the 300,000 candidates are invited to take part in this challenge, and given that it is aimed primarily at Year 11 students, it shows how well Theodore did just to get to this stage.

Theodore scored a certificate of merit for an outstanding performance in this very difficult challenge. This puts him in the top 2.5% of all entrants, all while being a year younger than his competitors which is an absolutely outstanding achievement. Congratulations, Theodore, for showing amazing mathematical and logical skills throughout very pressured and challenging questions. If you’re curious over the level of difficulty involved, have a go at just one of the 25 questions listed below. And yes, Theodore did get the correct answer. 

Christina has eight coins whose weights in grams are different positive integers. When Christina puts any two coins in one pan of her balance scales and any two in the other pan of the balance scales, the side containing the heaviest of those four coins is always the heavier side. What is the smallest possible weight of the heaviest of the eight coins?