December 19, 2016

Sixth Form enrichment: managing stress

By Izzan , Year 12

On Friday 9th December, we received a talk by Mr Caulfield on stress and the ability to cope with challenging situations such as the upcoming exams. Stress is often inexplicable, stemming from academic, interpersonal (such as arguments with friends) or intrapersonal factors (such as physical health or depression).

To cope with stress, you need to keep it simple, have a pragmatic approach by having a positive outlook on life, and stay committed to the task in hand. Those who truly triumph can let go of control and limit self-importance, along with having the ability to adapt to change around them.

This led us on to a discussion about the fundamental idea of mindfulness, which can be achieved by having an increased self-awareness and being aware of the present moment, allowing you to take a break from everyday life. By giving only ten minutes of your day to relax your mind, and focus on your breathing, you can feel refreshed – this could be through using an app such as Headspace. Mindfulness can simply be achieved through doing something that you enjoy, such as physical exercise, reading or socialising. Mindfulness can give us much needed clarity in times of stress.