November 9, 2018

Reception trip to Seven Stories

Before half term, the boys in Reception had an amazing time at Seven Stories.

They were very excited to get on the bus for the short trip. When they arrived, they listened to a story they have been learning about in class, Anna Hibiscus’ Song, which is all about how happiness can grow by enjoying what makes other people happy. After the story, the boys worked in small groups to make a happiness garden and had to come up with actions to show what they did when they were happy.  There were some interesting suggestions, including going on a mobility scooter, drinking milk and surfing!

The boys then got to explore the Time to Get Up exhibition which was a lovely role play exhibition where they could play with toys that were related to their daily routine, such as going shopping, going to school and going to bed. After lunch, the boys had fun in the sensory room related to Aliens Love Underpants, followed by spooky Halloween story time in the attic. The day was finished with the boys deciding on a book they would like to purchase and take home with them to keep. What a lovely first trip they had.