November 23, 2020

Old boys update – Dan Laws (2005-2018, Mavor)

I’m currently in my third year of university on my placement year at Southampton Football club, working as part of the Sport and Exercise and S&C department primarily with the Under 18 squad. The job is even better than it sounds! 
One of my main responsibilities is monitoring the players’ weekly workload using GPS monitoring in every training session and match to record total distance, accelerations/decelerations, high speed running, top speed and many other metrics. We then analyse the data and decide whether players need their workload managed in training so they’re in the best place to perform on match days, with the end goal of progressing them through to the Under 23 and first team. One of the most rewarding jobs, however, is the late stage on pitch rehabilitation with players in one-on-one settings where we get to design and lead sessions with them based on their stage of rehab, what they’re capable of doing and which energy systems need targeting with the aim of getting them back in the squad.

Along with these weekly responsibilities, I have used speed timing gates to analyse 30m sprint times, force plates to analyse lower-limb power production, the gravity altering treadmill (Alter-G) used for early stage rehab, NordBord equipment for hamstring strength and other equipment I could only dream of using in a university setting!

I have also enjoyed coaching my university women’s football team to winning the league and narrowly losing the cup final last season.