June 11, 2021

Year 6 travel agency project

Nine groups of Year 6 boys exhibited their travel holiday packages in the week before half term and members of staff in the Junior School visited the stands in order to cast their votes for the best presentation. Boys had spent most of the term researching their country of choice, French or Spanish speaking. Having found out about its history and geography, they pinpointed top tourist sites and prepared a 5-day activities programme. Finally, they put together a list of useful travel phrases and checked that the cost of their one week holiday package for a family of four did not exceed the budget limit of £4,000.

When asked why one should visit Argentina, Aman and Stanley offered chocolates and other tasty morsels. Aidan and Constantine said that Cuba had 4,000 islands and was sometimes called ’El Cocodrilo’ which is Spanish for ‘crocodile’. Theo informed his visitors that Costa Rica has five blue zones, places where people live longer, and showed pictures of the Rainbow hummingbird. Ben E and Euan put together a professional information board and a Lego model of Tunisia showing top sites, such as the Roman amphitheatre and the location for the film Star Wars. The winners were:
Third Place
Costa Rica – Francis, Theo and Lincoln
Cuba – Aidan and Constantine

Second Place
Argentina – Aman and Stanley

First Place
Tunisia – Ben E and Euan