February 26, 2020

Music visit to Newcastle University

A level Music students (and Year 11 students hoping to study A level Music next year) attended a concert of Indian classical music at Newcastle University last Thursday.

The concert provided a great insight into the Hindustani classical tradition of Northern India, which will aid the study of the Anoushka Shanka set work on the A level syllabus.
The expert teacher, performer and guru Dr Vinjay Rajput led an ensemble of six in a continuous 50-minute performance of Indian raga. The boys were able to see how a traditional Indian raga performance builds up through an alap section, exploring the notes of the given rag and then developing into the gat section where the rhythm (or tal) is established and the fixed composition is introduced.

The boys were mesmerised by the virtuoso vocal delivery of Dr Rajput and the skill with which Kirpal Singh imitated the vocal lines on the tar-shehnai (a bowed string instrument). The expert drumming of Bhupinder Chaggar on the tabla drums also impressed our musicians.
The boys came away with a first-hand experience of how Indian raga works and they all talked enthusiastically about how they could perhaps incorporate elements of it into their own composition and performance works.