April 11, 2019

Mathematical challenge 2019

Report by Archie F (Year 9)

The junior maths challenge last week involved 30 teams of four pupils with mixed age groups of Years 8 and 9, both boys and girls. It was hosted at Durham Johnston School and was a regional competition involving schools from all over the north east.

There were four rounds: a relay round, a shuttle, a cross-number (in two pairs) and a normal problem-solving round with 10 questions. All the rounds were scored out of 60. The questions were really challenging and required the ability to problem solve and work as part of a team.

The maths challenge was a great way to improve my skills because it made me think about how to break down questions and also expanded my maths learning.

NSB finished 6th out of 30, which was a good result. The team consisted of: Archie F, Khattab K, Thomas N and Izhaan S.