January 15, 2021

Lockdown Bingo – Sport Analysis

Since the start of term boys across the school have been taking part in a PE & Games lockdown bingo. This has involved boys attempting nine challenges over a two week period. These include physical challenges as well as boys having the opportunity to be creative by designing their own training sessions and analysing an elite performer. You can read two examples of the analysis task below:

Kian A(Year 8)

Hurricanes vs Brumbies rugby

Player: Jodi Barrett

Height: 6 ft 5

Age: 23/24

Position: 15/10

Throughout this match, Jodi Barrett is a playmaker and can move the ball well. As fullback/fly-half he watches the game as well as making decisions playing the game. Jodi is a very strong kicker and is able to create tries and execute them at the same time. I think he stands out when he is on the pitch. What makes him a brilliant player is he has respect on and off the pitch for his opponents, the referee, his coach and last but not least, his teammates. 

Tom S (Year 10)

I watched the Border-Gavaskar 3rd test match at the SCG. I was particularly interested in watching Steve Smith as he was under a lot of scrutiny and pressure from everyone including the media to perform as his recent low scores in the test series were ; 1, 1*, 0, 8. Steve Smith is recognised as one of the best batsmen in test cricket. In this game he really needed to perform. He came out to bat with a new frame of mind looking to be positive and aggressive and looking to score off every ball and he wasn’t thinking negatively. 

Smith batted beautifully scoring 131 off 226 balls, batting for 303 minutes and scoring 16 boundaries all in the blazing heat in Sydney. 

Even when he was run out by a wonderful display of fielding by Jadeja on 131 Steve Smith was still angry at himself showing that he still had a lot of hunger to score more runs for his team to put pressure on India. There would have been plenty of players that would walk off the ground after just scoring a crucial hundred for Australia with a grin on their face, but Steve Smith still felt as though he needed to do more for his team. 

I also saw a clip of Steve Smith shadow batting in his hotel room the night before the game and then saw a clip of him playing the exact same shot the following morning showing that practice can help you significantly in whatever you do. 

However, on day five – at a crucial stage of the game, a video clip emerged of Steve Smith damaging the crease. This is not in the spirit of the game and I feel questions his integrity. 

My second favourite player was Pant for India. He didn’t keep very well as he dropped 2 catches and was injured during the match but despite that being in the back of his mind he came out with a fighting knock of 97 to secure a draw for India. 

It was a terrific test match and well played to India as they were behind a lot in that test match and they showed lots of resilience to hang on for the draw despite not having their full strength team due to injuries and their captain (Virat Kohli) being absent.