December 16, 2019

House debate

The last week of term at the Senior School saw the second annual house debating competition. The event also saw the handover from current debating captain, Oliver L, to the newly-appointed captain for the spring term, Thomas N.
The competition was judged by Mrs Jackson from the English subject area, Mrs Jackson from the Religious Studies subject area, Mr Paterson and Mr Sensicle.

After a fast-paced debate, with pragmatic and convincing arguments from both sides, the judges put their questions to the teams before scoring them out of ten. With the maximum score being 40, the Mavor-Newlands team won the debate with an overall score of 33 compared to Aldridge-Ascham’s score of 29.
Well done to Mavor-Newlands. A very closely fought and enjoyable debate and certainly a highlight of the year for the NSB debating society.