April 9, 2019

French Exchange 2019

Eleven boys ranging from Year 9 up to Year 12 spent a busy week in Chartres immersing themselves in French language and culture in our second French Exchange with the Institution Notre Dame.

With language learning as their main goal, it was fantastic to see all of our boys tackle the challenges of living in a French family and attending French school with such enthusiasm. Not only have the boys’ listening and speaking skills improved, but the extremely positive feedback from their host families shows that the boys really made the most of the opportunity to get to know their counterparts’ culture: ‘We laughed a lot’, was one French father’s comment.

In a fascinating visit of Chartres’ famous cathedral the boys learned about the importance of its incredible stained glass, and some of the significance behind the layout of the building, including the labyrinth. The boys also saw the splendour of the Château de Versailles, as well as the unique ‘Barbed Wire Seminary’, where German POWs trained to become priests at the end of WW2, and which was key in sowing the seeds of harmony across Europe in the post-war era.

As our links with IND continue to strengthen, the French Exchange presents a great opportunity for all our boys to make progress with their language learning, and is highly recommended. ‘Merci mille fois’ to all of the NSB and IND families and staff who have taken part and helped to make it such a memorable experience.