November 10, 2020

Falcons Academy

Congratulations to Nicholas S (Year 11) who was invited to a Newcastle Falcons Academy Under 17 training camp over half term. Nicholas wrote about his training:

At the start of the day, we began with some basic skills like passing but running at full speed whilst doing it. We then did some attacking exercises which included 2 on 1s and 3 on 2s. We then played a game of two-touch turnover concentrating on the attack.

In the second session we concentrated on contact which involved one-on-one contact. We then got to practice individual skills and I focused on my box kicks and drop kicks. Over lunchtime we did some game analysis of the Australia v New Zealand game.

In the third section we came indoors and spent an hour in the gym including press ups with 20kg on our back and barbell squats using our chosen weight, which was harder than I thought.
It was a fantastic experience because the standard was of a higher level and I hope to go back again.

This is a significant achievement for Nicholas as he is still an Under 16 player and was selected a year up.