April 1, 2021

European Youth Parliament

On the 20th and 21st of March, some NSB Year 11 boys took part in the North East Regional Session of the European Youth Parliament. This event was attended by a number of schools in the North East.

Oliver L and Thomas N attended the event virtually and wrote a brilliant account which you can read below.


On the Saturday, we were welcomed over Zoom before meeting with our fellow committee members for the first time and getting to work on our respective committee’s resolution for a key problem in European society. Each committee had a different problem ranging from minority languages in Europe dying out and unemployment due to Covid, to the decline in bee populations and compulsory vaccinations, and we had to, as a team, come up with solutions that would be both effective and feasible across Europe.

By the end of the day each committee had drafted up a resolution proposal ready for Sunday when everyone would debate and eventually vote on the proposed resolutions.

Overall, it was a weekend well spent, even with the hard work of drafting resolutions. We engaged in valuable teamwork activities and learned lots about the current state of Europe.

Thomas – “ I really enjoyed the weekend and even though my committee’s resolution was not passed, I still had fun and made some good friends along the way who I hope to keep in contact with.”

Oliver – “I found the event to be well run and very much enjoyed the weekend. It helped improve my teamwork, albeit over Zoom, and expand my understanding of important issues our continent and our world face.”