October 9, 2020

Duke of Edinburgh’s award scheme

Two of our boys completed their Duke of Edinburgh’s awards this week: Jagraj H (Year 13, silver) and Tazwar R (Year 12, bronze) 
Jagraj is a tremendous DofE participant, a committed football player and team member who supports and entertains those near him. He was one of the strongest canoeists and his volunteering report speaks volumes about his generosity, kindness and care. He looked after an elderly neighbour each week for a year to meet both his bronze and silver volunteering requirements. Bill said: “Jagraj coming over was amazing since I live by myself – it meant I would have someone to talk to sometimes which felt great since I am getting old. He’d always try to put a smile on my face.”

Jagraj completed his gold expedition last year by canoeing for four days down the River Tay in Scotland and is working on finishing the remaining four sections.

Tazwar learned many new skills doing his bronze award: coaching a young pupil in Maths and English, learning more about guitar chords and improving his advanced martial arts at Grainger Park. They said: “Tazwar’s can-do attitude shines through whatever”. He also showed strong leadership skills on both expeditions.