September 18, 2018

Cranedale 2018

Back in July, 31 boys in Years 5 to 8 and three members of staff spent five days at the Cranedale Centre, a field studies centre situated a few miles south east of Malton in Yorkshire. Each member of staff was attached to one of the three groups and joined in all the activities. There was mountain biking, orienteering, canoeing, sailing, trekking over moors, climbing walls, sailing, swimming, beck scrambling and coasteering. Two additional members of staff spent a day mountain biking with different groups.

The boys took part in a number of activities designed to test teamwork and problem-solving. Nine members of Group B (Year 7) had to work out how to balance on a large seesaw. Christie O’s team won the Year 5/6 orienteering competition around the centre. Half of Group C (Year 8) managed to build a structure using wooden poles and rope strong enough to save their team from an imaginary flood.

In the survival exercise on the last day, most of the 31 boys became herbivores running around a wood looking for feeding stations (flags), while evading a ‘disease’, a ‘natural disaster’ and several bloodthirsty carnivores (mostly Year 8), all out to get them or each other. Only one of the two members of staff who took part survived until the end.

Congratulations to Jock E and Oliver L (both Year 9), Hadyn C (Year 8) and Christie O (Year 6), who were this year’s winners of the Cranedale Challenge Shield, awarded for demonstrating qualities such as determination, teamwork, caring for others and for being all round ‘good eggs’.

Thanks to the boys for behaving brilliantly and getting the most out of the week, to the wonderful Cranedale Centre staff, to all of the activity providers and to the five members of staff who attended – Mr Clark, Mr Drax, Mr Gray, Mr Spinks and Mr Waterson.