Theatre Studies

Delivered at Westfield School

Aims of the course

  • To apply practical and creative skills in equal measure
  • To teach you about theatre, both past and present and, through analyzing the ideas of famous practitioners, you will be able to create unique and exciting work
  • To become a skilled and articulate critic by writing about your experiences as a performer and audience member
  • To take part in drama productions in addition to studying the work of well-known playwrights

Course content

Component 1: Drama and Theatre

You will study two plays and be asked to write about them as a performer, a director and a designer, as well as responding to live theatre

Component 2: Creating Original Drama

Using anything that inspires you, you will need to create an original performance inspired by a significant practitioner alongside a Working Notebook

Component 3: Making Theatre

Using another practitioner as inspiration, you will practically explore three extracts from three different plays during your lessons before being formally assessed by a visiting examiner.  You will also write a reflective report evaluating your work.


Component 1: Written examination assessing knowledge and understanding of drama and theatre; two set plays; analysis and evaluation of the work of live theatre makers (40%)

Component 2: Working notebook and devised performance assessing the creation and performance of devised drama (30%)

Component 3: Performance of an extract from a published play and a reflective report analysis.  Evaluating own theatrical interpretation of this extract plus two others from two different plays (30%)

Career opportunities

Actor                                            TV presenter

Journalist                                   Theatre director

Youth worker                            Marketing manager

Education officer                     Literary agent

Editor                                         Arts administrator

Theatre Studies teaches confidence, presentation skills, self-discipline and an ability to handle and learn from criticism. Skills that are ideal for higher education and beyond.