Applied Business (Level 3 Extended Certificate)

Subject Leader
Mrs Snowdon
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*A vocational subject will be available, but we are awaiting Ofqual certification for the Applied course to continue.
Aims of the course
  • The course provides a broader and deeper understanding of business knowledge and skills.
  • The qualification also offers learners an opportunity to develop transferable skills, such as teamwork, research and communication, as part of their applied learning.
  • This qualification supports entry to a range of business and enterprise associated higher education courses, such as management, finance, entrepreneurship, and economics.
Course content
Five of the six units making up this qualification are mandatory. Learners must choose one optional unit from a range of three to complete the six units required for the qualification.
Three out of the six units making up this qualification comprise the AQA Level 3 Certificate in Applied Business (AS equivalent).
In the qualification, the learner will cover topics such as:
  • the role of finance in planning an enterprise, analysing and making financial decisions.
  • how business organisations use the human, physical and financial resources at their disposal to achieve their dynamic goals.
  • the nature of enterprising behaviour and how this can be personally utilised to best exploit entrepreneurial opportunities within specific market conditions.
  • how managers organise, motivate and lead employees through change to achieve business objectives.
  • the skills and processes required to develop, present and evaluate a business proposal.
  • the skills and processes required to develop an e-business proposal for a new business.
  • the planning, coordination and management of a one-off event to support a business proposal.
  • the development of a marketing communications mix for a business proposal and a schedule of marketing communications.
Each unit is based on four key business themes: people, markets, finance and operational delivery, which ensure that the qualification has a synoptic approach to learning.
This qualification is 360 guided learning hours and is made up of five mandatory units, plus one optional unit from a choice of three.
Three of the five mandatory units are external assessments, all other units are internally assessed.
If boys complete 1 year of the qualification they can cash in for a ‘Level 3 Certificate in Applied Business’ which is actually worth more UCAS points than an AS level qualification.
If boys want to complete 1 year of study only they will complete the first three mandatory units. In order to qualify for the certificate or the extended certificate boys must pass all units.
Career opportunities
The transferable skills that are developed in the study of Applied Business will allow access to a range of career opportunities. However, there are certain sectors that are particularly relevant:
  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Business administration and office skills
  • Enterprise and entrepreneurship
  • Information technology
  • Hospitality
  • Tourism
  • Marketing and advertising