February 27, 2019

Character in day to day life at NSB

The Senior School house music competition was a fun event full of character virtues. House music was filled with the boys listening to their peers and the audience. It was great to see the audience from grandparents to little brothers and sisters.

Mavor sang Paradise by George Ezra. Mrs Dodds and Robbie B took charge and showed great leadership and the entire house showed great community as did all of the houses. Mavor finished second and were pleased with their score: 24/25.

Newlands sang Five Hundred Miles by The Proclaimers. Mr Drax and Patrick C took charge showing leadership and resilience.  When they were out of breath, they just carried on. You could tell that Mr Drax chose the song and even connected it with the Duke of Edinburgh’s award.

Newlands also tried to bribe the judge with a box of chocolates which made the crowd burst into laughter, but it did not work as Mrs Friend (the judge) called them up on it and they ended up coming third with very respectable score of 23/25.

Ascham sang Happy Ending by Mica. Mr Harris and Mathew C showed great resilience because they had a hard song to learn in little time. Their performance was very technical and would not be able to be done easily. They also came third with 23/25 and were disappointed with that result.  If they had more time, they could have won.

Aldridge sang Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes. Mr Hopkinson and Tom F took charge also showing leadership. They came first with a score of 25.  Mrs Friend placed them first because they included a band and they sang in harmony. They were very happy with their score and won the trophy. The school showed a lot of integrity by always clapping for the other houses.

Mrs Friend had a hard job because she would make three of the houses upset. She explained her views and was a good, fair judge.  All of the boys enjoyed the afternoon and that is what matters. The best thing is that it brings the whole school together and makes the community stronger.

Taylor T, Year 9