October 15, 2021

Black History Month at Junior Film Club

This week, to celebrate Black History Month, Junior Film Club watched the inspiring film Hidden Figures, based on a true story from history. Below is a review from four Film Club members from Year 6, Toby, James C-D, Thomas H and Thomas W.

Film club scored Hidden Figures an average of 7.75, which suggested that we enjoyed this movie and would recommend it. However, we wouldn’t show this to people under the age of 6. There was a lot of challenging situations and had some action with them trying to get the space shuttle to orbit the earth seven times in order to beat Russia.  It celebrates the achievements of three black women for NASA during the 1960s, when racism was awful.

The story is about three black women who work for NASA when they were at war with Russia, and were competing to be the first people to orbit the Earth 7 times. The main characters are Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson and Dorothy Vaughan. Their goal was to calculate the right mathematical answers so the rocket can go into orbit without being destroyed in some complicated way, and to help John Glenn return to Earth safely.

During the film, Katherine Johnson gets promoted to be in a place with only white men, and at one point they don’t even want to touch the same coffee maker as her because she was black. Over time, she earns their respect from being such a good mathematician. She has quite a hard life, but she rises to the task to earn her place amongst a team of all white male scientists. She really impresses the boss and everyone that she now works with, and that showed that she had a lot of courage, resilience and character.

We liked this movie, though we all did think it could have maybe been a little bit better. Overall, we would recommend it and it is particularly important to celebrate these achievements during October, which is Black History Month.