June 27, 2020

Year 11 mentoring programme

In preparation for joining the sixth form, Year 11 began their mentoring programme with the support of our Year 13 boys.
The boys are attending Teams sessions where they have the opportunity to gain information about a range of topics such as their future subject choices, what the subject is like, what is on the syllabus, pros and cons of studying it. This comes from Year 13 boys who have just been through the experience themselves. Year 11 have also had the opportunity to ask any questions they might have.
Along with subject-based sessions, they will also be covering EPQs, degree apprenticeships, Oxbridge/Medicine/Law applications, as well as sixth form life in general. It has been great to see Year 13 ‘back in school’ remotely leading this programme and sharing their knowledge. This is a very valuable experience for all involved.