Meet our boys

Cole C, Deputy Head Boy 2020-21

I have been at Newcastle School for Boys for my entire development as a student, from a boy at 3 to a young man at 17. I think it’s very obvious that I have been produced from the culture and the great system that’s in place at NSB. Whether this be taking part in sports, which I may have otherwise tried to shy away from, or being afforded academic success, I believe that it’s NSB which has given me a chance to develop in this way. I attribute a lot of this to the teaching staff and the culture that is created around school and within every year group.

The School has always helped me in every aspect I could ask. I’ve been supported on the sports field, whether this be playing rugby, football, cricket or tennis. The School has even opened me up to different sports such as basketball, hockey and table tennis. Furthermore, I’ve always gained huge academic support and been encouraged to do as well as I could. With this support, I hope to study Economics and Finance at University of York or University of Newcastle next year.

I feel I’ve gotten everything I could want out of my education; I’ve got a great set of friends, I know everybody in my year group (which I think is quite unique), I’ve had a lot of sporting memories from national to local, been to different countries and cultures, enjoyed academic successes and been afforded the chances to represent the school in a range of activities. It makes me extremely honoured and proud to be able to say I am Deputy Head Boy.

I have loved my journey at NSB and I’d advise any boy to enjoy everything that they can and take every opportunity that arises. Whether that be playing rugby on a Saturday, or doing Duke Of Edinburgh, every memory counts for something.

Alexander H, Head Boy 2020-21

I have been at Newcastle School for Boys all my life, starting when I was 3 years old in Nursery. I think it is fair to say that I am a product of NSB and all the values they promote. As well as providing me with a set of strong academic qualifications, NSB has developed me as a person. I strongly believe that Newcastle School for Boys has built my character excellently, turning me into a confident and hard working individual who is motivated to succeed.

The school has always encouraged me to follow my love of the English language and history and subsequently have provided me with all the support I could possibly need when applying to university. I hope to study History at Oxford and I feel that I was confident enough to apply to Oxford thanks to the the incredible academic support and opportunities outside the classroom.

I have taken part in almost everything NSB has to offer and I recommend everyone does the same. I am currently finalising my Duke of Edinburgh Gold award and completing my Silver and Gold expeditions canoeing was an incredible experience, of which I will always have fond memories. I also opted to take part in the Extended Project Qualification, to enhance my university application. Writing my EPQ essay ‘When, if ever, is animal testing worth it?’ was another great opportunity and this, combined with my Duke of Edinburgh, becoming Head Boy and being fortunate enough to tour South Africa on a rugby tour all looked fantastic on my UCAS application.

I have loved every moment of my education here at Newcastle School for Boys and a quote from A. A. Milne always springs to mind when thinking of leaving, ‘How lucky am I to have something so special, that makes saying goodbye so hard.’

Newcastle School for Boys has motivated me to want to succeed. This has been achieved through a supportive environment yet demanding environment, coupled with an excellent co-curricular programme.