Meet our boys

Gabe, Year 7

“My son Gabe joined Reception at NSB having just turned four.  Whilst confident around people he knew well, Gabe was very shy and was often found clinging to the back of my leg when ‘new’ people spoke to him.

We chose NSB because of the school values and qualities which we saw during our initial visit.  Learning was focussed in a way which made it particularly accessible for boys.   The school community was vibrant and there was a real sense of energy to the place.  Crucially for me, staff knew each boy by name and all the boys looked like they were thoroughly enjoying themselves.

When I dropped Gabe at school on that first day, he was too unsure of his new surroundings to play in the yard.  When I returned to pick him up that afternoon, he didn’t want to come home!

Fast forward several years and Gabe is now in Year 7.  He has flourished both academically and as a person.   Last year he sang a solo in front of a packed room.  It was ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ – not the easiest of songs to sing – but he confidently belted out his solo.  That confidence has come, in large part, from the ethos of the school.  Every boy’s gift is developed and they all have something to contribute.  In that environment, Gabe has also grown academically. He’s an avid reader, is interested in the world around him and is achieving top marks.

Of course, school life does have its ups and downs.  Friendship groups come and go.  There’s always that bit of difficult homework or the rugby match he didn’t get picked for.  But staff are always approachable and nine times out of ten, are already aware of the issue.

One last thing – a postcard arrived at our house last week.  It was from a member of staff, praising Gabe for his efforts in class.  Gabe was delighted and for me it served as a reminder about the strengths of our school.  The staff take the time to get to know the boys.  They understand their concerns and seek to support them in every endeavour.  They challenge them in the classroom and give praise where it’s due – even if that boy didn’t get the highest mark, their effort is always recognised.

The word ‘family’ can be overused.  In this case, I can whole heartedly say, that we are proud to be part of NSB.”

– Gabe’s mother


Jasper, Year 7

We chose NSB for Jasper as we wanted a small school with very good pastoral care.

The school has delivered way beyond our expectations. The boys are looked after very well indeed and all their very different personalities and different talents are encouraged.

The personal touch where staff all know their names and make sure that everything is tailored to fit the individuals needs no matter how different has been very impressive. Nothing is too much trouble for the staff and the communication between home and school is fantastic. Regular emails are sent so nothing is missed. The School is very calm and the boys are all most polite and friendly.

Any minor issues have been dealt with by email with a speedy response within a couple of hours. The small class sizes ensure that the boys learn and stay engaged.

Ensuring that the boys feeling secure and happy in school is obviously very important to the staff, and this shines through in all that they do for them.

Jasper started in Year 7 in September 2017 and has thrived in the short time since he started and loves coming to school every day.

The curriculum is varied and interesting. Jasper has joined the choir, the orchestra and the folk club. There are many different clubs with something for everyone.

We are extremely pleased with our choice of school and would certainly recommend it.

– Catherine and Geoff, Jasper’s parents


Oliver, Year 9

Our son joined NSB in Year 8 back in 2016

Oliver had struggled badly in his previous school, largely through a very narrow curriculum and pressure to conform. He was bored and his creative skills ignored.

From the moment he joined NSB things changed for the better, we feel there is a positive atmosphere that starts at the top and works right down to the pupils.

Oliver now loves school, something we thought impossible in the past. His creative side has been fully recognised and encouraged.

The staff at NSB have all taken time to get to know Oliver. With their help he has grown in confidence vastly. He has now taken advantage of the endless clubs and co-curricular activities, including badminton, art club and film club.

A great asset to the School this year has been the refurbished library. Our son loves to relax in this space, a positive side effect has been the number of books he now reads.

From our first visit to NSB, the School always talked about Oliver as an individual and how they could add value to him and his all-round character. They have certainly lived up to this and we feel NSB is the perfect fit for our son.

-Paul and Karyn (Oliver’s parents)


Lewis and Fraser, Years 10 and 7

Our thoughts are that NSB has a unique way of engaging and motivating our sons that we think can only be provided in a caring, supportive environment with high quality teaching resulting in excellent academic achievement.

Our boys are recognised as individuals, mainly due to the ethos of the school, they are given the opportunity to express their thoughts and opinions which allows them to speak openly and freely.

Both Lewis and Fraser have a thirst for knowledge and are constantly stretched which shows in their academic achievement.

As parents our boys happiness comes first and we are delighted that they both love being at NSB.

– Lewis and Fraser’s father


Max, Year 10

Max was in Year 9 at his previous school, heading into Year 10 and ultimately GCSEs.  I strongly felt that a high level of guidance and encouragement at this critical stage in his education were crucial and the very reason why we approached NSB. Having worked in education for over eight years, I’m very aware of how boys, in particular, can become disengaged, so it was marvellous to find a warm and committed environment that suited our needs.

Max joined the school in September 2017, making him one of the newer pupils. Inevitably, as a parent, I was anxious about his transition, however, these worries were alleviated by the excellent communication from the staff. In particular, his form tutor encouraged me to work with them enabling Max to settle into his new environment. On the whole he is a shy boy, however, after only a few weeks, he had signed up for a trip to Holland with the school football team. This is testament to how the staff and other boys have welcomed him into their community.

Whereas I place great importance on academic achievement, Max has Dyslexia and requires a firm but nurturing environment in order to flourish. Due to the tailored curriculum offered at NSB, he is engaged, enthusiastic, already improving academically and maturing into a confident, articulate young gentleman.

A happy confident child makes for an even happier parent!

-Lesley, Max’s mum.




From our first visit to NSB the school always talked about Oliver as an individual and how they could add value to him and his all-round character, they have certainly lived up to this and we feel NSB is the perfect fit for our son.