April 11, 2019

Return to the Forbidden Planet

Congratulations to the cast, crew and band on a triumphant joint musical production with Westfield School of Return to the Forbidden Planet. This was the School’s third collaboration with Westfield School and on this occasion they took the production to a new level by performing at a professional theatre, Northern Stage.

Loosely based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Return to the Forbidden Planet is a jukebox musical set in space. Captain Tempest (Isaac W, Year 10) commanded the spacecraft as it hurtled through the universe towards the forbidden planet, eagerly assisted by his trusty Bosun (William B, Year 7).

Upon arrival, they got caught up in all kinds of trouble caused by the eccentric Dr Prospero (Peter E, Year 11). The humble Cookie (Gabe H, Year 8) ended up in a love triangle with Miranda and Captain Tempest full of Shakespearean twists.

The damage limitation crew (William B, Cameron M, Gabriel M and Taylor T) led the chorus in their dazzling dance routines and lively songs. Through the wonders of technology, the audience even experienced one boy in a principal role who wasn’t performing at the theatre but rather was transmitted onto the big screen. This was Matthew R (Year 12), who took the part of the newscaster and summarised the plot for the audience at points throughout the show.

It wasn’t just the boys on stage who made the production such a success. The band gave their all and kept the energy up throughout, showing their skill as confident young musicians (Samuel L on lead guitar, Joshua M-R on piano, Thomas N on saxophone, Connor P on drums and Ashwin S on rhythm guitar). The boys in the crew also played a crucial role and had a huge responsibility. Ben B did a fantastic job of the lighting (triggering over 120 lighting cues) and Adam H operated the sound effects and projections with great precision.

The whole production was a real team effort bringing the school community together and continuing NSB’s successful collaboration with Westfield School.