March 20, 2020

Medicine and Dentistry Explore Day

On Wednesday 11th March, a number Year 9 boys attended a Medicine and Dentistry Explore Day at Newcastle University Medical School.

In the morning they carried out a carousel of activities designed to give them experience of the clinical skills that student doctors are taught at University. This involved measuring blood pressure, examining each other’s retinas, carrying out CPR and diagnosing symptoms presented by Sim-Man, an artificial patient that can be programmed to display a a full range of ailments.

In the afternoon they went to the Dental School where they made a plastic mould of a molar tooth, learned how to correctly brush their teeth and about how different animals have different shapes of teeth depending on their diet.

Throughout the day they had the opportunity to talk to current Medical students about their experiences at University. At the end of the day, all the boys felt that they had gained a new insight into training to be a doctor or dentist and about University life in general.