Meet our boys

Leo, Year 1

“Leo is my youngest son, having previously sent his older brother, James to NSB, where he remains.

The biggest credit I can give is that both of my boys absolutely love going to school. The small class size, wonderful pastoral care and good level of academic performance help to create an atmosphere for young boys to thrive. The provisions for sport, music and any individual needs ensure that Newcastle School for Boys is an excellent choice for your son’s very important education.”

– Leo’s mother


Thomas, Year 1

“Thomas joined the Nursery a few weeks before his third birthday.  He therefore spent four and half academic terms in the Nursery and is now moving up through the School.

NSB has a lovely family feel and all the boys and teachers know one another across the year groups.  When we first looked around the whole school we were struck by the obvious camaraderie the boys had with one another.  We have witnessed this outside of school with older boys making a point of coming over and saying hello to Thomas.

The small class sizes have allowed all the staff to really get to know Thomas and understand how to get the best out of him.  He is happy and enjoys school.

We chose NSB because encouraging a child’s personality and confidence is equally important as high academic achievement.  This is best achieved in a smaller school where Thomas will feel part of a team.”

– Thomas’ father


Isaac and Reuben, Year 1 and Nursery

“I have been sending both my boys, Isaac and Reuben to Newcastle School for Boys from the Nursery and am so proud of the individuals they are becoming. They have a strong sense of self and inner confidence and are enjoying and progressing in their activities and studies. I’d like to think it’s the nurturing home life my husband and I give, but I know the School has a huge part to play.

At Newcastle School for Boys, the boys are treated very much as individuals. NSB gives space and time for the boys to develop their creative side, pursue their interests and just be children.

The staff team  is so very reassuring – not just for the boys, but for parents too. They know the boys and really do make sure their needs and likes can be developed and encouraged. All their efforts ensure the boys develop their confidence and personality and look forward to school.

-Isaac and Reuben’s mother


Fynley, Year 6

We had never imagined or indeed planned to send our son to private school, we had found his experience and development in his early years at state school had been very good. When faced with the options available for the next, and extremely important stage of our son’s development, we decided to explore the private school offerings also.

At a very informative meeting with the School we heard how the Newcastle School for Boys ethos and culture was an exact match for our needs for our son; the tailored delivery systems, class size, co-curricular activities, standards and expectations, made NSB the right choice.

From the very first moments and taster days, our son has been warmly welcomed in to the NSB family, we have watched him flourish well beyond our expectations and enjoy a range of activities and learning that we never imagined we would.

The teaching staff have supported a very smooth transition for both our son and ourselves into this new and exciting chapter of our lives. We are delighted we made the right choice and our son will remain with such an outstanding school throughout his educational journey.

We can honestly say not a day has gone by that either our son or ourselves have not enjoyed the experience of Newcastle School for Boys.

– Fynley’s parents


I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all the staff who do such a terrific job with the boys.