February 3, 2020

Junior dentists

The boys at West Avenue were taught about the importance of having good dental hygiene this week.
Harvey G (Year 12) delivered a superb assembly about the damage that eating and drinking too much sugar will cause to your teeth. He challenged the boys to have a ‘fizzy-free February’. The boys were honest and admitted that this would be quite a challenge but were willing to give it a go. Harvey promised a prize for the class who gives up fizzy drinks.
Later, a team of dental students from Newcastle University Dental School came to deliver a fantastic workshop to the boys in Years 3 and 4. The boys were shown how to brush their teeth properly, role-played a visit to the dentist and found out exactly how much plaque they had on their teeth. They chewed disclosing tablets which stained the plaque on their teeth a lovely shade of purple and all was revealed.