Meet our boys

Arthur, Reception

Our son had just turned three when he started in the Early Years Nursery and within a short time we knew we had made the right choice for him to be educated at NSB. He is always happy on the journey to school, with growing confidence and signs of independence affirming he is in the right place.

We are very impressed by the friendly confident attitude of all the boys we meet daily at the Infant School. Their caring, thoughtful behaviour towards all the boys in Nursery is a reflection of the dedicated and enthusiastic staff you see as role models within the school.

We believe NSB offers a unique opportunity for our son; first class continued education from 3 to 18 years, small class sizes, excellent teaching and what appealed most to us as parents; the individual pastoral care.

As all parents our son’s happiness is at the forefront of our minds. We would recommend a visit to the school so that you can explore the opportunities available to watch your son grow in confidence, encouraged to make friends and enjoy learning in an outstanding environment.

– Arthur’s parents


Isaac and Reuben, Year 1 and Nursery

I have been sending both my boys, Isaac and Reuben to Newcastle School for Boys from the Nursery and am so proud of the individuals they are becoming. They have a strong sense of self and inner confidence and are enjoying and progressing in their activities and studies. I’d like to think it’s the nurturing home life my husband and I give, but I know the School has a huge part to play.

At Newcastle School for Boys, the boys are treated very much as individuals. NSB gives space and time for the boys to develop their creative side, pursue their interests and just be children.

The staff team  is so very reassuring – not just for the boys, but for parents too. They know the boys and really do make sure their needs and likes can be developed and encouraged. All their efforts ensure the boys develop their confidence and personality and look forward to school.

-Isaac and Reuben’s mother


Ted, Nursery

We have been so happy with our decision to send our son to NSB. He always heads to Nursery with a smile on his face and it is obvious that he is safe, happy and fulfilled throughout the day. The pastoral care is excellent as is the class size is, allowing him to form firm friendships whilst affording lots of opportunities for one on one time with the staff. He often enthuses about the variety of activities in which he has partaken: from thought provoking assemblies, to learning songs in music, to sports (including rugby and football), to arts and crafts, and delicious and varied lunches – all squeezed in with time for fun and play too. He has developed many friendships and he knows many boys in the years above and they know him, demonstrating NSB’s wonderful community spirit. He has particularly enjoyed being read to by boys from the senior school, looking up to them with awe!

He has had the opportunity to go on educational visits including the Zoo at Kirkley Hall and the Theatre. We were able to share in these special moments too, with the photos in the regular school update emails.

We can’t thank Mrs Woosnam and the support teachers enough for their dedication and the warmth they show the boys and we could not be happier with his emotional, social and educational development at Newcastle School for Boys.

-Ted’s parents


Seyon, Nursery

Newcastle School for Boys is an excellent place for our little ones to start their experience of the wider world, as it has a safe ,caring and stimulating environment with staff who really care about the children.

Seyon started with very little speech but very soon he started to improve and became confident in his ability to communicate with us. It was a joy to see how happy he was in school and he loved talking about his teachers in the evening. He was also supported socially and has learnt to navigate the social situations in birthday parties and soft play when he plays with other children.

-Seyon’s mother

Within a short time we knew we had made the right choice for our son to be educated at NSB. He is always happy on the journey to school, with growing confidence and signs of independence affirming he is in the right place.