Textiles Design

Delivered at Westfield School

Aims of the course

  • A level Textiles gives you the opportunity to develop your capacity to design and make both garments and textiles, in an artistically creative way.
  • Utilise different materials and techniques to manufacture your own creative work.
  • Explore techniques for developing, exploring and creating your ideas, such as drawing, using IT, applying colour, embellishment techniques, manipulating fabric, and construction techniques. These will enhance your ability to think creatively and make exciting creative outcomes.
  • To develop knowledge of materials and how they are constructed.
  • Explore the history of fashion design and designers.
  • Evaluate your own work throughout the portfolio to access higher marks.
  • Express concepts and artistic ideas in an ambitiously creative way.


Course content

There are two main sections to the work you will be doing on this course. Both sections are marked, and the marks are combined to give you your final A level grade:

Personal Study including ‘Written Study’ – this is worth 60%

Examination Project – this is worth 40%

You will be doing 2 coursework projects in year 12, and 1 coursework project + 1 exam project in year 13. The written study will start in year 12 and get finished off in year 13. It is part of your ‘Personal Study’.



  • Assessment is used to refine and develop work.
  • Peer evaluation, group critics and personal tutorials are used in formative assessment.
  • Summative assessment is applied using AQA assessment objectives; ongoing targeted summative assessment, with feedback to facilitate creative progress.


Career opportunities

This course provides wide opportunities within design.  The obvious is of course a fashion or textile designer but other areas you could work in are merchandising, buying, advertising, journalism, marketing or manufacture. Interior design has never been more popular and this course would provide a valuable stepping stone.

This subject sits well with Fine Art, Graphics, Business Studies, ICT and English as companion A levels, but as long as you’re committed to the subject and gained a ‘B’ or above at GCSE, then what are you waiting for?