English Language

Delivered at Westfield School

Aims of the course

  • To consider the various levels on which language itself can create and challenge sexism, maintain and undermine power and represent the world around us in ways we have never even realised.
  • To explore speech, writing and everything in between as students are exposed to the earliest utterances of infant children, the modern media’s grip on our perceptions and how English developed from the days of the Anglo-Saxons and became the language of LOLs and emojis.

Course content

English Language A Level is ideal for students who are open-minded, curious, observant and keen to question the world around them.

During the course, students will develop their skills of linguistic analysis to carefully consider a range of texts and issues which relate to the way language functions in the modern world.

Areas of study:

  • Language and gender
  • Language and power
  • Media texts and representations
  • Language acquisition
  • Language change
  • Topical issues in language use
  • Independent language investigation (Coursework)


Unit 1: Exploring Language – 2 hours 30 minutes externally assessed examination (40% of total A Level)

Unit 2: Dimensions of Linguistic Variation – 2 hours 30 minutes externally assessed examination (40% of total A Level)

Unit 3: Independent Language Research – internally assessed coursework (20% of total A Level)

The overall qualification is graded from A* to E

Career Opportunities

This course will provide students with the opportunity to explore contemporary language and take a forensic approach to exploring texts. The critical thinking skills developed are appropriate to a wide range of courses and careers from journalism to law, to teaching or any profession where communication is key.