Item of Uniform Supplier  Nursery  Infants  Juniors  Seniors
Junior Blue Blazer   Schoolblazer  No  No  Yes  No
Senior Grey Blazer Schoolblazer  No  No No  Yes
V-neck jumper with blue band Schoolblazer  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes
Pale blue shirt short sleeve Schoolblazer  No No Yes  Yes
Pale blue shirt long sleeve Schoolblazer  No No Yes  Yes
Blue polo short  Schoolblazer  Yes Yes No  No
Tie (house colour) Schoolblazer  No No  Yes  Yes
Grey shorts (optional)  Schoolblazer  Yes Yes No  No
Grey trousers Schoolblazer  Yes Yes  Yes  No
Black trousers Schoolblazer  No  No No  Yes
Grey knee length socks (with shorts) Schoolblazer  Yes Yes No  No
Grey ankle socks Schoolblazer  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes
Storm Proof coat Schoolblazer  Yes Yes No  No
Baseball cap Schoolblazer  Yes  Yes  Yes  No
Printed book bag Schoolblazer  Yes  Yes No  No
School white polo shirt Orionkitbag  No  Yes  Yes  Yes
Navy blue games shorts Orionkitbag  No  Yes  Yes  Yes
Navy blue rugby shorts Orionkitbag  No  No  Yes  Yes
School rugby/football shirt (reversible) Orionkitbag  No  No  Yes  Yes
School games socks Orionkitbag  No  No  Yes  Yes
School tracksuit bottoms Orionkitbag  No  Yes  Yes  Yes
School smock/splash top Orionkitbag  No  No  Yes  Yes
Navy swimming trunks Orionkitbag  No  Yes (Y2)  Yes  Yes
School hoody Orionkitbag  No  Yes  Yes  Yes
Sports Bag Orionkitbag  No  No  Yes  Yes



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