At Newcastle School for boys we offer our students both a scholarship and a bursary scheme. It is possible for a pupil to hold both a scholarship and a bursary although they are award as two separate entities. Our scholarships are award based upon a boy’s merit and potential whilst a bursary may be awarded based upon the familiy's finances.


Scholarship Awards

Scholarships are awarded based upon a boy’s performance within his entrance and scholarship assessment. The financial value of a scholarship award will vary usually up to a maximum of 50%. In the Senior School, scholarships are available for entry into Years 7, 9 and the Sixth Form. They may be awarded for academic, sporting, music or artistic excellence. All-rounder awards are also available. In the Junior School, academic scholarships are available for entry into Year 3. Those wishing to apply for a scholarship into one of the above entry years should state so on their Registration for Admission Form. We will then be in touch to arrange your son’s scholarship assessment.

Our scholarship assessments for Year 3 in September 2018 will be taking place on Friday 19th January 2018 with assessments for Years 7, 9 and 12 taking place on Saturday 20th January (please note that the practical sports scholarship assessment will take place on Friday 19th January). Registration for our scholarship assessment closes on Friday 15th December 2017.


Bursary Scheme

Newcastle School for Boys is committed to maintaining broad access for boys who would benefit from the excellent all round education at the School by offering assistance with the payment of fees to parents who are otherwise unable to afford them. Help to boys in Year 3 and above is available with fees on a sliding scale linked to family income and other financial information The level of parental contribution to fees will depend upon the family’s ‘relevant income’ (before tax) from all sources of both parents. Consideration will also be given to their assets and capital, including savings accounts, investments and the market value of owned property. Special rules may apply where parents are divorced or separated. ‘Relevant income’ is usually assessed for the income tax year before the school year in question. Parents will be required to provide documentary evidence as a condition of receiving assistance with fees, and for each year thereafter. The total amount available for help with paying fees is decided by the Headmaster, Bursar and Governors. When help is offered, it will be made in terms of a percentage of fees.  In most circumstances the maximum level of assistance is 50% of the fees. (In exceptional circumstances the Governors can decide to increase this). Each case is considered on its merits but it is unlikely that any significant bursary award would be made to a family with a gross income of more than £60,000. The level of assistance will be reviewed annually and parents will be required to provide details of their income and capital each year to enable their contribution to fees to be re-assessed. Those interested in applying for a bursary should state so on their Registration for Admission Form, following receipt of which we send out our Bursary Application Form for completion.

Should you have any questions about applying for either a scholarship of bursary assistance for your son, please contact our Admissions Manager, Miss Alex Kingsland on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0191 255 9303.

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