Outlined below are the charges for the 2017-18 Academic Year

Tuition Fees

Years 7 to 13 £4,440 per term 
Year 3 to 6 £3,625 per term 
Years 1 and 2 £3,515 per term 

Reception Up to and including term of 5th birthday including the Government’s Free Early Years’ Entitlement

£2,215 per term 
Reception After term of 5th birthday £3,050 per term 
The fee is inclusive of all compulsory curriculum based non-residential trips and visits, pupil personal accident insurance and external examination fees. 
A 5% reduction on the tuition fees will be given to a first sibling, a 20% reduction will be given to a second sibling and a 33.3% reduction to third and subsequent siblings.  This reduction will be given in respect of the youngest pupil(s). 

Lunch Charge

The charge for lunch is £200 per term for boys from Reception to Year 6 and £210 for boys from Years 7 to 13.  This charge will be included on the fee invoice automatically for all pupils.


Nursery Fees

The School is pleased to annouce that we will be offering the government's 30 free hours scheme. All Nursery fees for September 2017 will be published very shortly. Check back here at a later date for more information.













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